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nkdbeautynbeast @ 10:08 pm: George Webbs on 75th and Layton
There's a new waitress at this store. I went in for a coffee, and I realized I didn't have any money, so her boyfriend payed for my coffee, I appreciated that. But then the waitress started fighting with her boyfriend, which is fine and all, I don't care, but it really shouldn't be happening out on the floor. So this guy across the counter smiles at me while they're fighting and I smile back. The waitress starts yelling, "I don't know why you keep f*cking smiling at him, this is none of your damned business...." Now, I appreciate her boyfriend picking up my bill for me, and I feel bad that they're fighting and all that, but I don't feel bad enough about it to not report her to a manager, because, even though I'm a regular, I am a customer too, and I feel I should be treated with respect when I am patronizing their restaurant. Was I wrong? I don't really care, because as far as I'm concerned, they just lost a regular who tips pretty well.


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Date:September 24th, 2006 05:04 pm (UTC)
I go to this Webbs quite offten. What shame.

I am takeing it your a girl, and I can see why she would be a little peeved, but not yellig at work. Possibly they where haveing issues from the start, and him paying for you most likely pissed her off and pushed her over the edge.

Don't feel to bad about it, and you had all right to complain.
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